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Posted by Harriet Geoghegan on Dec 5, 2016 3:37:34 PM
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Having a great imagination can take you just about anywhere, even into the future. Imagining your destiny and daring to dream can be pretty exciting.


That’s exactly what a team of clever visionaries did when they came across a unique patch of land located right in the heart of Penrith.

Come on our inspiring journey, dream big, and imagine your future right here at Harts Landing.



There’s no doubt about it. The life you’ve always imagined is blossoming in the heart of Penrith. As plenty of others have already found out, there’s about to become a new way of living in Sydney’s West at a place called Harts Landing. Judging by the many existing purchasers, the excitement and anticipation of what’s about to take shape in this vibrant, urban community really is a dream come true.


Many say it’s a great story that should be shared and understood, dating way back to 1911. Back then, this site was an airfield made famous by William Hart, the very first Australian to be awarded a pilot’s certificate when he flew 76kms from this very location in Penrith to Sydney, via St Marys. By doing this, Hart became the first Australian aviator to fly cross-country in NSW and instantly gave this land a great significance.




Today, Harts Landing is the future of what’s been imagined for this unique address. By dreaming big, its visionaries are set to create Penrith’s premier residential community. Harts Landing will deliver on so many levels - on beauty, amenity, convenience and design, offering endless horizons for its residents and their quality of life. Since launching, it’s come to be known as not just an address but a lifestyle.


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So what is the future vision for this naturally well positioned place?

According to the development and design team, Harts Landing will be top on a buyer’s list because it cleverly manages to put everything in easy reach. This was one of the key reasons Harts Landing was chosen as the perfect place to live.


For those lucky enough to call Harts Landing home, its outstanding, central location will succeed at delivering a huge life force of undiscovered potential that lies within Penrith itself. Infused with a wealth of retail, entertainment, health and education options, this is a city where cosmopolitan living, convenience and relaxed everyday escapades are closer and more accessible than ever before.


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If a picture paints a thousand words, just glance at a map and check out where Harts Landing is located relative to all the must see places in the Penrith area. Whether it’s some retail therapy at Westfield, entertainment at the Showground or Penrith Panthers, or simply taking a stroll down to the Nepean River – it’s all just a moment away. Harts Landing ticks the box on transport too being a few hundred meters from Penrith Train Station so in every way you’re in a prime position to enjoy the city’s very best.


But what will your actual home at Harts Landing look and feel like? The team behind this new cosmopolitan community believe that the most important part of their design vision is to create a space to breathe and offer residents a peaceful inner sanctuary. To bring to life elegance and beauty, a high quality of internal finish and wonderful light filled spaces. These are the future hallmarks of what will undoubtedly become Penrith’s most liveable dream.



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Like to know more about Harts Landing? Check out the project details here:


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